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celebrity baby watch 2023

Celebrity Baby Watch 2023

Are you ready to stay on top of celebrity births in 2023? There are lots of celebrities preparing to grow their family in the new year. To help you keep up, we’ve rounded up a list (so far) of the celebrities expecting in 2023. Read More

jed duggar katey duggar

Jed Duggar Expecting Baby #2

Reality star Jedidiah Duggar, who goes by the nickname Jed, has shared surprising news for his family. Jed and his wife Katey are expecting their second child together! The news comes seven months after the couple welcomed their first child. Read More

billie lourd

Billie Lourd Reveals Name of Baby #2

Earlier this week, news broke that Billie Lourd gave birth to her second child with her husband Austen Rydell. The American Horror Story actress’s father Bryan Lourd revealed the news. Now, Billie has shared her own announcement for her newborn and shared all the details. Read More

White mother with baby named "Cherokee" - What is Name Appropriation?

What is Name Appropriation?

Name appropriation is a subset of cultural appropriation, a topic we want to discuss as a baby naming site.

First, let’s define cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is defined as when a member of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been systematically oppressed by that dominant group. Read More