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What does the name Tammin mean?

Hi Jennifer,

Actress Tammin Sursok

I heard the name Tammin from actress Tammin Sursok. I think it’s very pretty, and couldn’t find any background information about it on your site – do you have any knowledge of the meaning of it or where it might have come from?


Hi Hannah,

Thanks for writing in! I was surprised that we didn’t have the name Tammin/Tammen in our database yet. But it is now! My research has shown that Tammen is originally a German/Dutch surname meaning “from Tamm, Germany.” This was a common practice to assign surnames according to where a person lived. Tammin would be a variation of the surname.

Tammen/Tammen can be used as both a boy’s name or a girl’s name and is wonderfully androgynous. Nicknames could include Tam or Tammy. I hope this helps!