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There is an image of Thor's hammer and the title 30 names from norse mythology.

30 Names from Norse Mythology

Norse mythology never fails to capture the interest of people around the world! The stories and characters have been used again and again throughout history, with them most recently featured in Marvel of course. Most are familiar with the most well-known characters such as Thor and Loki, but there are many others to be inspired by! Read More

The background is outer space and the title is Star Wars baby names.

Star Wars Baby Names

Star Wars is one of the most beloved franchises of all time. And for good reason! The original film, released in 1977, struck a chord with millions of people, with its exciting action, storyline, and “state-of-the art special FX” for its time. Read More

In the upper left corner there is a sun smiling and the title says 20 happy baby names.

20 Happy Baby Names

If you’re looking for names with positive meanings, look no further! What could be more pleasant than a meaning related to happiness? It’s a wonderful emotion that is connected to the best times in our lives, so a baby name meaning “happy” would be a great way to mark the occasion of welcoming your bundle of joy. Read More

The background has stars and a moon with the title 30 night sky baby names.

30 Night Sky Baby Names

The night sky has forever captured the interest of people. It’s dark, mysterious, and full of beautiful sights. Why not use it as an inspiration for a baby name? Unlike our blog 20 Space Baby Names that focuses on the names of celestial bodies, this list is compiled of names with night sky meanings. Read More

The title says 25 names meaning brave

25 Names Meaning Brave

When looking for names, you might be searching for options with a good meaning! Bravery is one of the best qualities a person can have, so why not choose a name that has a meaning related to it? Whether it’s for a baby, pet, or character, here are some great “brave” options! Read More

In the corners there are images of a hammer, a wrench, and a bow and arrow. The title is 60 occupational baby names.

60 Occupational Baby Names

Everyone is familiar with occupational names, whether you realize it or not! Most are commonly known as surnames, but some have become popular as personal names as well. They are names that originated from a person’s occupation. Some of them are straightforward: Hunter means someone who hunts, Fisher is someone who fishes, and so on. Read More

There are illustrations of a Roman temple and a Roman soldier's helmet below the title 40 names from roman mythology.

40 Names from Roman Mythology

Roman mythology is an ancient group of myths created by the Roman people. While the collection of myths do have their own unique qualities, the Romans borrowed heavily from not only Greek mythology but mythologies from other cultures as well, such as the Etruscans. Read More

The image has the title 40 light themed names.

40 Light Themed Names

Light has many positive associations, often related to the concept of morality. It has been used as a way to represent goodness, hope, purity, justice, and more. It’s no wonder that many people love the idea of a name meaning light! Read More

The title is 50 rare nature names and there are plants on the bottom half of the image's border.

50 Rare Nature Baby Names

In recent years nature names have been one of the top categories of trending names. While flower name for girls are among the most popular of nature names, there has been increasing interest in more uncommon options as well. From the names of plants, animals, and names with nature related meanings there are so many different ways to be inspired by nature! Read More

There is a measure of sheet music and the title 60 names from musicals

60 Names from Musicals

If you’re a fan of musicals, here’s the name list for you! From classics such as Singin’ in the Rain to modern hits like Hamilton, there are so many character names to be inspired by. Below are 60 names from stage musicals, a small sample of a huge number of possibilities! Read More

The text says 100 royal baby names with a crown.

100 Royal Baby Names

Different monarchies have existed all over the world for thousands of years. Royalty can include kings, queens, princes, princesses, emperors, empresses, and more! Below are 100 names that have been borne by members of royalty throughout history. From ancient fierce queens to modern young princes, this list covers a lot of ground! Read More

The background is water and the title is 40 water themed baby names.

40 Water Themed Baby Names

Water is a fundamental aspect of life for all living beings on Earth. Beyond necessity, it also gives us immensely beautiful sights and many different forms of entertainment. From oceans, lakes, rivers, snow, and even mythology, there are a lot of different ways for water to inspire a name choice! Read More

The background is an old map of Europe with the title 30 uncommon Germanic baby names

30 Uncommon Germanic Baby Names

When people think of Germanic names, often what comes to mind are examples such as Wolfgang or Heinrich. While those names are great choices, in reality there are many different Germanic names that will feel fresh! German-Americans are one of the largest self-reported group in the United States when it comes to heritage. Read More