In April of this year, Broadway stars Kyle Dean Massey and Taylor Frey announced that they would be welcoming a baby into the world! Now, the new dad’s have announced the arrival of their first child.

Kyle revealed the news with a post of his newborn – a baby girl! – in his Instagram Stories, followed by a touching video documenting the arrival of his daughter, which Taylor also shared to his page. The video featured Kyle and Taylor with their surrogate, Kayde Mason, preparing for their baby’s arrival. The couple were very involved in Kayde’s labor and were in the room when their daughter arrived. The video even showed the new dad’s enjoying skin-to-skin with their little one, a very touching moment of bonding.

To accompany Kyle’s video, the new dad wrote, “I was always a skeptic of love at first sight. Now I am a believer. Going through this experience with @taylorfrey and @hello_kayde has changed me forever.” Taylor also shared a touching message of his daughter, who made her arrival on Halloween, “My entire perspective on this life has changed. I’ve felt many feelings of joy throughout my life, but nothing will ever compare to this new found euphoria. Baby girl, I love you so. May we be a safe space for you forever as we watch you fly. Welcome to the world my little Halloween baby. As always, a massive amount of love for my donor and my incredible surrogate who labored with perseverance and control. I am in awe of you. Thank you for bringing her here so perfectly.”

The name the couple, who co-founded their own IVF and egg donor agency called Elevate, chose for their daughter is Rafa Massey-Frey. Rafa was born on Halloween, one week past her due date, and weighed 9 pounds, 9 ounces at birth. The couple had previously revealed the name they chose for their daughter when they announced they were expecting.

In speaking exclusively with People, the Nashville alum shared, “Seeing our daughter’s face for the first time is something I will never forget. It’s instant love. On top of that, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people who contributed to our journey to parenthood, our wonderful egg donor, our physician Dr. Guy Ringler, all of our attorneys, especially Thomas Gleeson. And of course our surrogate and her family who gave so much of herself to give us the most magnificent gift.”

Taylor echoed Kyle’s sentiments by sharing, “I have been fortunate in my life to experience many things and many feelings, but nothing can compare to the immediate and unconditional love I feel for my daughter. It is as if with one single look into her eyes the rest of world has melted away. She has stolen my heart forever and changed my perspective on life as a whole. Everyone told me it would be wonderful, but I had no idea it would be to this degree. I stand in awe of my surrogate, and what she was capable and willing to do for us. I watched her labor in tears of gratitude.”

The couple’s surrogate Kayde has been documenting her surrogacy journey on TikTok and has amassed quite a following! She opened up about her experience with Kyle and Taylor. “Surrogacy is a beautiful thing. I feel honored that Taylor and Kyle entrusted me with the safekeeping and growing of their precious girl. Rafa is perfection and I will always cherish the time I got to spend with her as my belly buddy. Passing her off to her daddies was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life and there couldn’t be two people more ready and deserving of fatherhood.”

Congratulations to Kyle and Taylor on welcoming their daughter into the world! We wish them all the best in their new role as fathers.

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