In an emotional Instagram post, actress Camille Guaty-Kaye from Prison Break and Good Doctor has announced that she is pregnant. Camille has struggled with fertility for years but is finally expecting a baby boy with her husband, songwriter and producer Sy Rhys Kaye.

Camille was candid in the caption of her beautiful baby bump photo sharing, “I can’t believe I can finally say ‘I’m pregnant!’ After 5 years of trying, 5 failed IVF cycles, my husband and I went with a donor. Our faith carried us through the ups and downs and our belief in God gave us the courage to know the impossible was possible through Him.”

Camille, 47, began her journey to conceive six years ago at the age of 37. A year later after not becoming pregnant, Camille and her husband visited an in-vitro fertilization clinic. It was then that the actress learned that her ovarian reserve was equivalent to that of a 50-year-old woman.

After five failed IVF treatments, the couple began discussing the possibility of using an egg donor. Camille shared with People, “I honestly had a difficult time wrapping my mind around this choice,” she admits. “Just a couple of years ago, the idea of another woman’s egg in my body was unfathomable.” But, Camille stayed open-minded and found an egg donor through an amazing IVF clinic in Mexico.

Camille is one of many celebrities who has been open about fertility struggles. “I share my story not because I think it’s unique, but because I think it’s something we don’t talk about. I want to inspire women to start speaking out about their fertility challenges. Let’s encourage these conversations, so we can build awareness and advocate for each other and future generations of women.”

We are so happy for Camille and her husband. We wish Camille a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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