Actress Candice King, known for her role as Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries and it’s spin-off The Originals, has announced that she is expecting her second child with her husband, Joe King. Candice is about five months along in her pregnancy.

To announce the news, Candice shared a photo of herself that Joe took of her a few months ago while their family was on a road trip. “It’s a calm moment in a time that feels chaotic. It’s one of my favorites and I’ll cherish it forever. So grateful to have this sweet baby growing bigger every day in my belly.”

Caroline hosts a podcast with fellow The Vampire Diaries co-star Kayla Ewell called Directionally Challenged. In sharing her news, Caroline revealed that on this week’s episode, her and Kayla would be speaking with Caroline’s doula on what her experience with pregnancy has been like.

To end her announcement, Candice shared, “Even in the best of circumstances, I’ve found it to be an emotional rollercoaster to be pregnant in 2020. To all the mommas to be out there…. I’m sending you love, strength, and deep breaths.”

Candice and Joe, guitarist for the band The Fray, met at a Super Bowl event in February 2012. The couple became engaged in May of 2013 and tied the knot the following year in New Orleans. They had their first child together, a girl named Florence May in 2016. Joe has two daughters from a previous marriage, Elise and Ava.

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We wish Candice and Joe all the best as they prepare to welcome another child during these difficult times.

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