Actress Jackie Cruz has announced the arrival of her twins! These little ones make the actress and her husband Fernando Garcia, a designer, first-time parents.

Jackie, most notably known for portraying the role of Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzales on the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, shard two black and white images to announce the news. The first was a nude image of Jackie covering her chest with her bump in view and was captured right before she gave birth. The second image showed the feet of her little ones.

The actress gushed about this new journey in the caption of her post. “Being a mother has changed my world. My babies are everything to me. I’ve been taking my time to enjoy every moment. I’m feeling content, exhausted, overwhelmed, grateful, tired, joyful, blessed, and fortunate all at the same time. My Babies are healthy and beautiful. I want to thank my gorgeous friend @elenakosharny for capturing this image right before I met my babies. We were lost en el bosque de Tlalpan, México surrounded by nature and Love.” It sounds as though Jackie conceived her twins naturally, as she hoped she would.

While Jackie didn’t allude to the gender of her children, she did share that news when announced her pregnancy in December. She is the proud mother of one boy and one girl. The Panama star did not reveal the names she and Fernando chose for their twins.

Congratulations to Jackie and Fernando on the arrival of their twins! We wish them all the best in their new parenting journey and look forward to learning the names they chose for their little ones, should they choose to share.

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