Comedian and actress Jenny Slate has announced the arrival of her first child with her fiancé, gallery curator Ben Shattuck.

The Zootopia star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to share the news that she is the mother of a baby girl!

Jenny revealed that her baby girl was six weeks old, which means she arrived right at the end of 2020. Jimmy asked Jenny if she gave “her baby a special pandemic name? How do you commemorate their weird time to be born.” Jenny responded by sharing that she and Ben named their daughter Ida Lupine. Ida is a German name that means “hardworking.”

The Parks and Recreation star shared that in the process of choosing a name, she and Ben looked into the European heritage. Jenny shared that her Jewish family is from all over, specifically Eastern Europe. One name that they really liked was Bagrat. She joked that they called Ida that before she arrived, pronouncing the name phonetically as opposed to the actual pronunciation. The couple made a great choice in going with Ida instead!

Jenny went on to share about her birth experience in a very honest and open way. It was “a totally extreme experience in which I lost any filter that I might’ve already had left. After I had the baby…I was just like, ‘Did my vagina rip in half? Is it one vagina still, or is it not?'”

Congratulations to Jenny and Ben on welcoming their baby girl into the world! We wish them continued blessings as they embrace their new role as parents.

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