Actress Victoria Ekanoye, known for portraying the role of Angie Appleton on Coronation Street, has announced that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Jonny Lomas.

Victoria announced her pregnancy exclusively with HELLO! Magazine. The actress shared a photo of herself dressed in a gorgeous blush gown while she held onto her growing baby bump. Jonny stood beside her holding her hand while gazing at his future child’s mother.

The actress is set to give birth in January of 2021. She shared what her and Jonny’s plans were for trying for a baby. “We thought we would try next year. So when this pregnancy came along we were like: ‘It’s happening!’ It did come as a bit of a surprise but it’s so unbelievably exciting.” Jonny also shared his thoughts on the pregnancy. “I am super excited as well as a bit nervous. It’s a new chapter in our lives; all my friends who have kids say it’s going be hard but the best thing you will ever do.”

They decided to wait a while before sharing the news, in part due to Victoria’s sickle cell anemia and also for fear of miscarriage. “We know friends that have miscarried and so we waited until we were 12 weeks before we even told our parents. Then, with my health condition, we wanted a little bit more security and stability in knowing that everything is okay with baby and with me.”

Congratulations to Victoria and Jonny on preparing to become parents! We wish Victoria continued good health.

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