Actress and comedian Amy Schumer appeared on The Ellen Show today and chatted with the talk show host about her and her husband’s decision to change their first child’s name.

The couple welcomed their first child in May of 2019. They named his Gene Attell Fischer. It was later revealed that Gene’s middle name, Attell, was to honor a friend of Amy’s, comedian Dave Attell.

It wasn’t long before the internet questioned whether the comedian was being honest about her son’s name, because Gene Attell Fischer sounds very close to the phrase genital fissure.

Nearly a year later, in April of this year, Amy revealed that she and Chris changed Gene’s middle name to David, still honoring her dear friend.

Now, Amy is opening up, in true comedian form, with Ellen on her process of changing Gene’s name.

Ellen asked, “Tell me about your child and why you changed his middle name.”

Amy laughed and quipped, “You know how sometimes parents by accident name their children Genital?” She went on to share why the couple chose his original name and revealed that Gene was after Chris’s mother Jean. Then she said, “We realized about a month in, it sound like, you know, Genital Fischer.”

Then, Amy shared a sentiment all parents can relate to. “You’re so vulnerable during that time anyway. And then it was just like we messed up so bad right out the gate.”

We love that Amy was so open about changing Gene’s name. It’s definitely a great story and at least Gene didn’t have to suffer through a poor choice in name for too long.

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