Australian beauty YouTuber Chloe Morello has announced that she and her husband Seba are expecting their first child together!

Chloe posted a video to her YouTube page that featured her husband doing her makeup… or so she led her viewers to believe! As he is at work creating her look, he moves in front of the camera to hide Chloe. When he moves back, he had written “I’m pregnant” on Chloe’s forehead to announce the news! The couple shared that Chloe is 5 months along in her pregnancy. She is due this coming June.

Chloe and Seba, whose full name is Sebastian Maximiliano, have chosen not to learn the gender of their baby until they arrive. They haven’t chosen any potential names for their little one but they have a few options. “We’re still fighting about that,” Chloe quipped in her video. Thus far, Chloe has had a fairly easy pregnancy. She hasn’t experienced any sickness or weird cravings as of yet.

Chloe and Seba, who originally hails from Canada, met in 2015 through the dating app Happn. They tied the knot in January of 2018 and live happily together in Australia.

Congratulations to Chloe and Seba on growing their family! We wish Chloe continued good health in her pregnancy and hope they don’t fight too much in choosing a name for their little one.

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