Actress Beverley Mitchell has announced the arrival of her third child, who was born the second week in July, with husband Michael Cameron! Beverley, most famously known for playing the role of Lucy Camden on 7th Heaven, took to Instagram to share her birth announcement.

In April, the actress revealed she would be welcoming a baby girl but didn’t reveal any further details. In the birth announcement, she revealed that she and her husband had given their daughter the name Mayzel Josephine. Beverley, who has Instagram accounts for each of her children, has also made an account for her newborn daughter which reveals that her nickname will be Mayzie.

Beverley and Michael share two other children together: Their oldest daughter Kenzie and a son named Hutton.

Beverley announced her pregnancy on St. Patrick’s Day. It was a fitting day to announce the news as this baby was the couple’s rainbow baby. The actress announced in November of 2018 that she had been pregnant with twins but suffered a miscarriage. She was elated to be pregnant again and to grow her family!

Coincidentally, Beverley’s 7th Heaven co-star Jessica Biel gave birth this month as well! Jessica played the role of Lucy’s older sister Mary Camden on the series. Of course, Jessica’s birth announcement came as a surprise as it hadn’t been previously revealed she was expecting! The two actresses are still very close. Beverley recently shared on Instagram that Jessica is like the sister she never had.

We’re very happy to Beverley and her family and wish them all the best as they transition into life as a family of five!

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