Gordon Ramsay / @gordongram
Gordon Ramsay / @gordongram

Gordon Ramsay and his wife, Tana, are pregnant with their fifth child!  The Master Chef host shared the news with James Cordon while appearing on The Late Late Show.

Cordon brought up the four children Gordon and Ramsay share: Megan Jane (18), twins Jack Scott and Holly Anna (16), and Mathilda Elizabeth (14).   The British talk show host quipped, “You have four teenagers in the house.  That’s a lot of hormones. Are you and Tana surviving that?” The restauranteur responded, “Well, three girls and a boy.” He paused, then added with a grin: “And one more on the way!”

While Cordon and the audience reacted with shock and cheers, Ramsay added, “It’s a girl! …I’m happy with another girl,” he stated. Then he joked, “I’m a little nervous…Four girls. Four Sweet Sixteens. Four weddings.”  “And one funeral!” Cordon joined in with a laugh, pointing at the chef.

Gordon and Tana have been married since 1996. Tana is a former school teacher and British cookbook author who recently opened a salon in London called All About the Girl.  Her father assisted with Gordon’s business empire for many years.

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