The TODAY Show has announced that co-host and meteorologist Dylan Dreyer has welcomed her third child! Dylan shared on her Instagram page yesterday that her water broke six weeks early. “Just a little update as you won’t be seeing me on @todayshow or @3rdhourtoday for a while. My water broke Sunday evening and I’ve been hanging at the hospital. Our little guy is anxious to get out and meet us!”

Dylan and her husband, Brian Fichera, welcomed their third son early this morning at 2:38 AM. He weighed 5 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 18 inches long at birth. The couple chose to name their newborn son Russell James Fichera. The name honors both Brian’s and Dylan’s fathers: Russell for Brian’s father and James for Dylan’s.

Last June, a month after the couple announced their pregnancy, Dylan and the TODAY Show had a bit of fun in a segment where viewers could guess what Dylan and Brian, who had already chosen the name but did not reveal it, should name their third child. Now it looks like none of the names from the poll were what the couple chose.

The name the couple chose is another classic name, similar to the names they chose for their first two sons: Calvin Bradley and Oliver George.

When Dylan shared that her water broke early, she shared, “Doctors are closely monitoring both of us and trying to keep him on the inside for a little while longer to get stronger. All is well! I’m in great hands and I have the best person to keep me calm and comfortable. Looks like we’ll be getting to meet our littlest boy sometime this week…6 weeks early! Guess he couldn’t handle being left out of all the fun his brothers have been having! We’ll gladly take any extra prayers you have.”

Congratulations to Dylan and Brian on the arrival of their third child! We wish Dylan and Russell good health and the whole family lots of love.

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