Gabrielle Union explains how to pronounce her baby girl's unique name. She also shared her many nicknames! - Celebrity Baby Blog
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When Gabrielle Union’s husband, Dwyane Wade, announced their baby girl’s name last week, the actress followed up a couple of days later with a lesson on how to pronounce the unique name.

Dwyane revealed their daughter’s name on Instagram, sharing a throwback pic of a back tattoo he got in their little girl’s honor. He captioned it: “#TBT Goes back to that one night in China when i decided to get my daughters name tattooed on me. Kaavia James Union Wade! #paternityleave.”

Gabrielle posted a photo of herself and little Kaavia looking sweet and snuggly, explaining in the caption: “Just greazzzy and happy. That is all. @kaaviajames pronounced Kah-Vee-Uh James. She has 102 nicknames including but not limited to Kaav, Kaavi, Kaavi Baby, Kaavi J, Jamie, KJ, Nugget, Nug, Pooters.”

She also explained Kaavia’s unique second and middle names, noting: “We wanted to include my family in her name so the ‘James’ is from my uncle James Francis Glass who is also my godfather. Union is her middle name. I’ve waited this long so fo sho I was gonna get in there.”

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