Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave announced that she is expecting her fourth child with her husband Alfie Brown! The actress, who portrayed the role of Lavender Brown in the final three installments of the Harry Potter series, shared an image of herself, taken by her sister Bebe Cave, in her bathroom mirror showing off her growing baby bump.

“can’t hide this new baby anymore,” Jessie wrote in her caption. Alfie, a comedian, shared a sonogram image of his fourth child with the cheeky caption, “Be easier in future if I just announce when she isn’t pregnant. Enjoy the baby’s foot.” On Twitter, Alfie quipped that the couple would be naming their fourth child Divock after Belgian soccer player Divock Origi. “The fourth will be called Divock. This is Divock’s foot.” Jessie quickly shut down her husband’s idea. “The 4th will not be called Divock.”

Jessie and Alfie share three children together, Donnie, 7, Margot, 4, and Abraham “Bam” whom they welcomed last October. Abraham, who was born 40 minutes after Jessie’s water broke, had to spend time in the neontal unit following his arrival. At the time, Jessie shared that this birth was a “very different experience to my first two births … much more humbling, terrifying and out of my control.”

Congratulations to Jessie and Alfie on the news of their fourth child together! We wish them lots of love as they prepare to grow their family by one more.

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