World Cup and Olympic Champion Soccer player Hope Solo has announced the arrival of her twin babies, one boy and one girl, with husband Jerramy Stevens. The couple’s first children together arrived early last month on March 4, nearly 3 months after news of Hope’s pregnancy was announced.

The twins had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for quite some time before the couple could welcome them home. Hope shared, “We would like to thank all of the incredible nurses and the doctors who helped take care of our babies during our time in the NICU and we’d also like to thank all the health care workers who’ve been on the frontlines fighting this pandemic, day in and day out.”

Hope officially announced their arrival late yesterday and shared the names she and Jerramy chose for her twins. They named their son Vittorio Genghis Stevens and their daughter Lozen Orianna Judith Stevens.

While these names are a little unordinary, they’re actually quite strong, warrior-like names. Vittorio is an Italian name that means conqueror or winner. Genghis is likely a reference to Genghis Khan, the Mongolian emperor of the 13th century whose name is said to mean universal ruler. Lozen was the sister of an Apache chief who fought the U.S. government from encroaching on their lands in the late 1800s. According to, Lozen is a nickname that means “one who has stolen horses in a raid.” Orianna, a variation of Oriana, is a name of Latin origin meaning golden. Judith is a Hebrew name that means praise.

This pregnancy was, sadly, not the first one for Hope and Jerramy. In February 2018, the couple miscarried another set of twins. The couple, who married in 2012, had been trying for a while to get pregnant. A week after miscarrying, Hope was still in a lot of pain. She went to the doctor and that was when she learned that she had been pregnant with twins. One of her eggs was considered to be an ectopic pregnancy. Her doctor ended up having to remove a fallopian tube.

We’re so glad Hope and Jerramy were able to welcome two rainbow babies into the world and that they are healthy and happy even after being born during a pandemic. Congratulations to the Stevens family!

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