Actress and comedian Ilana Glazer has announced the arrival of her first child with her husband, scientist David Rooklin. Ilana shared the news by posting a real and raw photo that truly showcases what motherhood and life with a newborn can be like.

The Broad City star shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her child, wearing nothing but black compression socks up to her knees. She captioned the photo, “been breastfeedin in compression socks for the past 3 weeks, hbu?” Ilana did not reveal the sex or name of her little one. While David didn’t share an official announcement on his Instagram page, he did share a few sketches of his wife with their baby. He captioned the sketch “mom n babe.”

Earlier this month, the actress opened up with Lady Gunn about her pregnancy experience. The False Positive star reflected on the lessons she learned as an expectant mother. “There is something that has been continually clarifying in my pregnancy. It’s horrifying that women are second-class citizens across all socioeconomic statuses, all across the world, and on a varying degree of wealth and race, all these qualifiers that fit us into boxes. The unspoken violations from minuscule to enormous and egregious are constant.”

Congratulations to Ilana and David on the birth of their first child together! Huge thanks to Ilana for sharing such a powerful photo. We wish her and David all the best as they embrace this exciting new journey.

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