Earlier this month, influencer Camila Coelho announced that she and her husband Ícaro were expecting their first child together. She shared at the time that she was 23 weeks along in her pregnancy. Now, the couple has revealed the gender of their little one.

Camila shared a sneak peek of the reveal on her Instagram page that showed her and Ícaro holding party poppers. The video went from color to black and white when the couple popped the confetti. The teaser video directed her fans to her YouTube page where the blogger posted an 8-minute video about the reveal. In the video, she talked about different wives’ tales about gender and shared that she had a feeling she was pregnant with a boy. “I’ve had my opinions since day one. In my heart, I always thought it was a boy,” she shared.

The couple hosted a gender reveal party with their family during Camila’s birthday weekend, some were able to attend in person while others joined in via Zoom. Camila then cut to the moment of the reveal and… it’s a boy! Camila was right!

The elaluz founder shared that it “didn’t matter if it was a boy or a girl” but that discovering the sex was like a “turning point.” She explained that she can “talk to him, I can name this baby, and imagine his face. It became more real to me.” She opened up about how she and Ícaro are starting to think about how they want to decorate his room, she is thinking about having a nature theme, as well as names. She revealed that she had always had a girl name picked out but never had any ideas for a boy. She asked her followers to share some suggestions for her and she’s looking for a name that’s “short and different.”

Congratulations again to Camila and Ícaro on the news of their baby boy! We wish them lots of love as they prepare to welcome their son.

Kate Fann (she/her) is the BabyNames.com celebrity blogger, as well as an established content writer, aspiring author, and social media expert. She has been featured in online publications such as Bolde, ManoByte, Medium, The Social Observer, and more. Kate has ghostwritten numerous romance novels and is currently working on publishing her own works in the Young Adult genre.

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