Influencer Nabela Noor has even more to be thankful for this year. The author announced on Thanksgiving that she and her husband Seth Martin are expecting their second child together! “God’s plan is always the greatest. Truly and forever thankful.”

Nabela announced her exciting family news exclusively with People sharing, “We are so thankful to be celebrating our first Thanksgiving as not only a family of three, but a future family of four.” Nabela and Seth welcomed their first child, daughter Amalia Rana, in March of this year after struggling with infertility for six years. “For years, doctors labeled me infertile and I feared I could never have kids,” the designer shared with the outlet. “Today I’m pregnant with my second baby. Our babies are proof that miracles can happen and that God will always have the final word.”

The “Beautifully Me” author, who is due to give birth in June, continued by expressing her immense gratitude for becoming a mother. “Last year we were blessed with our rainbow baby after 6 years of infertility. Never in our wildest dreams did I think that today I would not only have my miracle baby in my arms, but another one growing in my belly. Our babies will forever be our reminder of the power of hope and prayer.” She then added a message to those who are going through the same struggles she faced in trying to grow her family. “If you are struggling in your journey towards starting a family, don’t lose hope. I hope our story inspires you to keep believing in miracles.”

Before becoming pregnant with Amalia, the couple suffered a miscarriage. When she announced her pregnancy, she reflected on the loss among the happy news. “This is our rainbow baby after our very public, devastating miscarriage. This miracle pregnancy came just a little over 2 and a half weeks after our miscarriage as a complete and total surprise and miracle. Our rainbow baby came to us when we were in the middle of our deepest storm and completely took us by surprise.”

Congratulations to Nabela and Seth on the news of their pregnancy! We wish them lots of love as they prepare to grow their family.

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