Ivanka Trump and Theodore Kushner Source ivankatrump
Ivanka Trump and Theodore Kushner Source ivankatrump

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have welcomed their third child into the world! The businesswoman and daughter of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, made the announcement via Instagram. “Jared and I feel incredibly blessed to announce the arrival of Theodore James Kushner.”

It is significant to note that both names were held by past American presidents. According to babynames.com, Theodore, a Greek name meaning “divine gift,” was the name of the 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt. James, a name of Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter,” was the first moniker of four presidents: Madison, Polk, Buchanan, and Monroe.

Throughout her pregnancy, Ivanka accompanied her father to a number of campaign stops.  He joked several times about his hopes that she would deliver her baby on the campaign trail, but she ultimately returned to New York City for the delivery.

Baby Theodore arrived in the early evening hours of Easter Sunday; joining older siblings Joseph Frederick (2 1/2) and Arabella Rose (4 1/2).  The working mother is not shy to discuss her efforts to devote her life toward both her maternal and professional pursuits. In December of last year, Ivanka told Town & Country magazine that her efforts to greet her children in the morning and tuck them in at night require “all sorts of gymnastics.”

In the same interview, the designer said, “People talk about balance. Balance is an awful measure of things, because it implies a scale that inevitably tips. I like to look through the filter of ‘Is the life I’m leading consistent with my priorities?’ For me, my family is the ultimate litmus test…Do I feel I’m giving my children what they need? But I don’t do everything. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do professionally if I did.”

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