Earlier this month, singer Jana Kramer announced that she is pregnant with her 3rd baby, her first with her fiancé Allan Russell, a professonal soccer player. Today, on her latest episode of her podcast Whine Down, Jana revealed the sex of her third baby and she discussed naming her new family member.

Before the official reveal, Jana shared the couple’s process in learning their baby’s sex. “We did the early blood work to check all the stuff and check the gender. And then I had a scan. I had to go check on that fibroid when I was in Los Angeles filming, and we did the anatomy scan.” She then revealed, “They saw the part, so we are having a boy! Yay!” The One Tree Hill alum went on to share that she was surprised because she “was convinced it was a girl.”

Jana has two children from her marriage to Mike Causin, a former football player. The couple share daughter Jolie, 7, and son Jace, 4. Allan also has a 16-year-old child. The podcast host shared how the couple learned and shared the news. “We open it [the envelope] together. On the bottom, it said ‘boy,’ and I was so shocked. And then we told the kids, we did the gender reveal for them. It was really sweet. The kids are super excited. I wanted another girl, I never had a sister so I kind of wanted Jolie to have a sister, but I think with Jace’s age and then having a boy, they’ll be good growing up together.”

As for names, the couple has one they are “trying on” but it’s “not 100% yet.” While she didn’t reveal the choice, she did share the moniker started with the letter R. She then elaborated on names they didn’t choose. First, Jana shared that she “wanted a J or an A [name],” and using a J moniker would fit the naming pattern of her first two children. “I was going to go with Jaeger. I just think Jaeger is a really cute kids name. I don’t know if I love it for an adult name. It’s a great name, I just don’t know that it fits me and Allan.”

Then, the “Let It Burn” singer revealed the name she “really wanted.” She explained, “The name I really wanted was Jax or Jackson, but his last name’s Russell. Jack Russell.” Jana wasn’t sure that she would want to put her kid through dog jokes his whole life. Then she shared another name she liked but was too close to her second child’s name: Ace. She then shared she was open to name suggestion with monikers beginning with J or A.

Congratulations to Jana and Allan on the news of their son! We look forward to learning which name they end up choosing for their baby boy.

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