A few days ago, singer-songwriter Jason Derulo announced that he was expecting his first child with his girlfriend, model Jena Frumes. The “Savage Love” singer posted a teaser on Instagram yesterday sharing that today, he and Jena would announce the gender of their new bundle of joy. The news is here!

It’s a boy! In the Instagram Reel video, Jason and Jena gave an exciting introduction and told the audience to guess before the video was over what the gender would be. Jason wore a blue shirt for his guess that it was a boy while Jena accessorized her beige dress with a pink purse for his guess that the baby is a girl.

The couple entered their elaborate gender reveal party complete with family, friends, music, and tons of pink and blue decorations. Fireworks were set off and the color blue revealed that it’s a boy! Jason and Jena were elated by the news.

The news of their baby’s gender comes just two days after the couple revealed they were expecting. Jason shared an Instagram Reels video to his page that showed him and Jena walking along the beach where Jena’s growing baby bump was in full view. The video was set to Robin Thicke’s song “Lost Without U.” Jason captioned the video, “Couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter in our life.” Jena shared a gorgeous photo of the couple from the beach with the caption, “Mom & Dad.”

Jason and Jena began dating last year. They met at the gym Equinox shortly before the coronavirus pandemic sent everyone into lockdown. Congratulations to the happy couple on learning the news that they’re having a boy!

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