Reality star Jill Duggar, who appeared on the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting, has announced the arrival of her fourth child with her husband Derick Dillard! The couple welcomed their little one on July 7th at 5:16 PM.

In March, the couple shared that they would be welcoming a son and now he’s here! Jill and Derick chose to name their newborn Frederick Michael Dillard and shared that he will go by the nickname Freddy. Frederick is an English name that means “Peaceful Ruler” while Michael is a Hebrew name that means “Who is Like God?” In her blog post on her family website, Jill referred to the meaning of the name Michael as “Gift from God.”

The couple went into further detail on their reasoning for choosing Freddy’s name on their website, which is steeped in familial history. “The name Frederick also holds special meaning for us since it’s Derick’s name with ‘Fre’ added to the front, to make ‘Fre-derick.’ Similarly, Derick’s name is a variation of his late dad’s name, Rick, that his parents created by adding ‘de’ to the front of Rick to spell, ‘de’-‘rick,’ literally meaning son ‘of’ (de) Rick. We were excited to settle on the name Frederick and incorporate both Derick’s and his dad’s name, by just adding ‘Fre’ to the beginning of Derick’s name.”

Jill revealed that she had a c-section to deliver Freddy and that he arrived before his intended due date which was closer to the end of July. “Frederick was set to arrive later in July, but he decided he wanted to come a little early, so we had our planned C-section a bit before originally planned.” Freddy was born just one day before his brother’s birthday. The couple’s second child Samuel Scott was born on July 8, 2017. Jill and Derick share two other children together. Their oldest son, Israel David, was born in April of 2015. The couple suffered a miscarriage in 2021 and named the child they lost River Bliss.

Congratulations to Jill and Derick on the arrival of their son Freddy! We wish them all the best.

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