@gantelena Instagram
@gantelena Instagram

Little Women: LA star Elena Gant has revealed the first photo of her adorable twin boys with husband Preston. And what a beautiful family they are!

Elena shared the pic of the new parents beaming over their baby boys, captioning the Instagram photo: “So happy to finally share a photo of our twins!!!”

She told People.com: “As a first-time mom, as a little person, I’m so lucky to now hold two beautiful, healthy baby boys. It was love at first sight, and my husband and I are so blessed with our twins.”

Elena added: “They have us wrapped around their little fingers and they know it.” So cute.

Elena and Preston announced the pregnancy in February and revealed the gender with plenty of blue silly string on Little Women: LA.

No word yet on the little guys’ names, but Elena also shared this precious moment of her family on Instagram:

Moments like this happen casually every day and I'll cherish them in my memory forever…

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