Reality star Mark Cuevas has announced the arrival of his second child with his partner Aubrey Rainey! The Love Is Blind star welcomed his little one a few weeks early on February 3rd but revealed that both mom and baby are doing well.

“Sometimes ‘sooner, rather than later’ becomes a reality,” the couple wrote in a joint Instagram post, “and our baby boy decided he was ready to join the party. Welcome to the family!” The couple had revealed in November that they were expecting a baby boy. Mark and Aubrey chose to name their second son Axton Anders Cuevas.

Mark shared with US Weekly how the couple landed on the name Axton for their son. “We found the name Axton to be strong and compelling. We had the name picked before he was born not actually knowing how fitting it would be for such a strong boy.”

The reality star also shared that Aubrey went into pre-term labor at 33 weeks and he revealed how Axton is doing. “We don’t have an exact timeline of when he will be home, but he is in great hands and is already showing tremendous improvements. Ace hasn’t gotten to meet his brother yet, but we are so excited for them to grow up so close in age and become forever best friends.”

Axton was born less than a year after his big brother. Mark and Aubrey welcomed their first child, a son named Ace Anthony, in April 2021. The couple announced they were pregnant again six months after Ace was born.

Congratulations to Mark and Aubrey on the arrival of baby number two! We wish Axton good health and strength as he continues to grow before being welcomed home.

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