Singer and songwriter Mickey Guyton has announced the gender of her first child with her husband, attorney Grant Savoy.

Mickey revealed the news in her feature in People magazine this month. It’s a boy!

The country musician announced at the end of August that she was expecting a child. Her son will be arriving next February. Mickey and Grant dated for seven years before tying the knot in June 2017 in an intimate ceremony at the Kauai Marriott Resort in Kauai, Hawaii.

In her feature with People, the “Black Like Me” singer discussed what it’s been like being pregnant amongst the racial injustice and the fight for human rights. “I’ve seen racial injustice happen to my husband. I’ve had a ‘Karen’ falsely make claims against him and say some of the most heinous things, like the N-word. I’m growing this Black child in my belly that is going to have to face this. I pray for him.”

The songwriter has been hard at work doing her part in working towards bringing awareness to the racial injustices many people face. In her song “Black Like Me,” which was released shortly before she announced her pregnancy and was written in response to the brutal killings of George Floyd and Brionna Taylor, she paints a picture of what it’s like to be black in America. “If you think we live in the land of the free / You should try to be black like me.”

Mickey has shared that she will continue to use her voice to fight for not only racial injustice but injustices to women as well. “Now that people are listening, I’m telling you: Not only is there discrimination happening to Black people, there’s discrimination happening to white women within this country music industry that we need to address. It’s so important to bring diversity and inclusion.”

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