Model Ireland Baldwin, the eldest daughter of actor Alec Baldwin, is currently expecting her first child with her boyfriend, musician RAC. Ahead of the arrival of her first child, the model has shared the name choice she and RAC, whose real name is André Allen Anjos have decided on. When announcing her pregnancy at the end of last year, Ireland revealed that she would be having a daughter.

The 27-year-old appeared on the Girlboss Radio podcast this week and opened up about becoming a parent. “What I’m most excited about is really more centered around a lot of things I really wanted in terms of stability as a child myself that I didn’t have,” Baldwin began, referencing her upbringing with two famous parents. “What’s kind of exciting is I get to raise this little human and do things completely differently than what I was taught was the norm. It’s cool that I get to unconditionally love this person and do my best to make her as equipped for this world and badass as possible.”

Ireland then excitedly shared the name she has chosen for her daughter as well as the dual inspiration behind the name. “We’re naming her Holland. I’m Ireland, so another country name because we wanted to keep that consistent. And then I love the actress Holland Taylor. I’ve always loved that name since I was young, I just thought that was such a classy, beautiful name, so we’re going with Holland.” Holland is an American name that means “land on the ridge.”

A few weeks ago, Ireland shared a candid post on Instagram about how hard pregnancy and becoming a mother can be. “This shit is HARD. And you’re not alone if you feel the same,” she captioned the 5-image-long text-based post. She opened up about how her routine, friendships, career, and more has changed with pregnancy. “My career isn’t going anywhere and if it is, fuck it. The friends that mattered most will be there and you’ll have more room for new friendships. All of this is still worth it but it’s ok to admit how hard and scary it all can be. You are not alone.” She added that, “even through all of this, none of this reflects on how excited I am to be her mom.”

Congratulations to Ireland and RAC on the news of their baby girl. We wish them all the best as they prepare for Holland’s arrival.

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