Last November, alpine ski racer Bode Miller and beach volleyball player Morgan Miller (née Beck) welcomed their sixth child together. Their baby girl arrived on November 26th… and the parents still haven’t chosen a name for her. But, they do have options and Morgan is asking her followers to weigh in.

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Morgan popped into Instagram Stories today to share an image of her new daughter and said, “We need your help picking a name!” The athlete shared a series of images with polls for her followers to vote followed by a questionnaire of all the name options compiled at the end to be chosen from. Morgan did reveal that her middle name was already chosen: Olivia. She also revealed that the family may call her Liv by her middle name, as that seems to be a tradition in the family. Bode goes by his middle name, his first name is Samuel, and the couple’s older children go by middle names as well.

The first two names up to choose from were fairly traditional options for baby girl’s first name: Scarlet and Skylar. Scarlet is an English name that means “Red” while Skylar is an American name that means “Scholar.” The next two options for her second middle name are Khione and Grier. On the image, Morgan shared that Khione is a name that means “Greek Goddess of snow.” The name Grier is a Scottish name that means “Watchful, Guardian.” The name also has special meaning as this was the couple’s daughter Emeline’s middle name. Emeline, who the family called Emmy, passed away in June 2018 following an accidental drowning at 19 months old.

The next post allowed Morgan’s followers to choose which name pairings they liked best with the following options: Scarlet Olivia Khione, Skylar Olivia Khione, Scarlet Olivia Grier, and Skylar Olivia Grier. Then, followers chose which nickname they liked best for her: Liv, Lettie, or Scarlett.

It looks like the couple has a lot to choose from! We hope they’re able to narrow down their options and finally decide on a name for their nearly two-month-old daughter. We look forward to learning what they name her!

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