Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has announced that she is expecting her second child! Marnie and her fiancé Casey Johnson revealed that they were surprised by the news of Marnie’s pregnancy.

Marnie revealed in a feature with OK! magazine that she learned she was pregnant in September while filming a TV show. She was experiencing symptoms while completing a bungee jump, with doctors noting her low pressure. Marnie shared with the publication, “I told Casey and he said, ‘You’re definitely pregnant!’ So as soon as I got back that night I did a pregnancy test and it came up with ‘Pregnant’ straight away. We just laughed!”

Casey added that “There have been a few times where we thought Marnie was pregnant and we’d done tests and she wasn’t, so we couldn’t believe it when it came up straight away with pregnant.”

Marnie and Casey share one child together, a boy named Rox who they welcomed in 2019. For their second child, the couple revealed that they are hoping for a girl, noting that it would be “nice to have one of each.” Marnie also revealed that her second child will be her last. The Celebrity Big Brother alum shared that she is battling extreme morning sickness. She also told the publication that she is open to giving birth to baby number two via cesarean section, recalling what her son Rox went through after she gave birth to him. He suffered from an infection after losing a lot of blood.

Congratulations to Marnie and Casey on the news of their second child! We wish them lots of love as they prepare to welcome their little one into the world.

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