Last month, reality stars Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa announced the birth of their first child together, a baby boy. Heather has been active on social media, sharing how her first days of motherhood have been going and teasing that she would be sharing more about her son’s birth soon. “We have been in our own private bubble but today we are so happy to share [our son] and some of our our birth story with the world.”

“We’d like to introduce Tristan Jay El Moussa to the world,” the couple, who will soon be launching their first reality show The Flipping El Moussas together, wrote in the caption of their joint Instagram post. Tristian’s first and middle names a rooted in family history for both Tarek and Heather. They explained, “Tristan was the name that Tarek was supposed to have, Jay is my [Heather’s] dads middle name & 4 generations of Jay.”

After sharing the exciting news about her son, Heather wrote, “But before our angel was born we had some scary moments leading up to him entering the world.” When Heather was 4 days past Tristian’s due date, she was rushed to the hospital after her doctor noticed Tristian’s movements had slowed down. The Selling Sunset star went on to explain, “I had scar tissue built up from a biopsy I had years ago, which affected my cervix softening & water breaking. Once at the hospital I was given 1/2 a pill of Cytotec to soften cervix, balloon went in. 2 hours later I was dilated to a 4. Balloon fell out, then 3 hours later dialated to a 6, then a few minutes an 8 then 15 minutes later my water broke! It was time to push!! it all happened really fast. Tristan’s heart rate was dropping very low every time I’d push & was staying low. Which was terrifying.”

She continued by sharing, “My doctor told me that we had to get him out right away. I had 4 more pushes and to give it my all & she was going to use a vacuum to help get him out fast or otherwise we would have to do an emergency C-section.” The reality star recalled her husband supporting her through the birth process. “Tarek was on my right holding my hand talking me through everything. I pushed so hard all the blood vessels broke in my face and chest. Tarek yelled I see his head, push push push. Our baby boy came out healthy and beautiful, I was in a state of shock it was a surreal experience. I was emotional and drained & so in love already. It was scary, but beautiful & I had the best support from Tarek, my incredible @drlisakaramardian and all the nurses at Hoag.”

Tristian is Heather’s first child but is Tarek’s third. The Flip or Flop star shares a daughter named Taylor and a son named Brayden with his ex-wife Christina Hall. Congratulations again to Heather and Tarek on welcoming their little one into the world!

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