Singer Aubrey O’Day, the former frontwoman of the musical group Danity Kane, is reportedly expecting her first child. E! News confirmed Aubrey’s pregnancy following speculation that the reality star drew speculation that she was expecting.

On January 17th, Aubrey was photographed on the red carpet at the SPiN Awards gala for the Society Performers Academy in Los Angeles. The “Show Stopper” singer wore a stunning form-fitted white gown and posed for pictures with her hand on her stomach. The pose sparked rumors that the singer was pregnant. While the news has been confirmed by multiple outlets, Aubrey has not announced the news on her social media pages as of yet.

A source close to Aubrey shared with The US Sun that, “she’s pregnant. She’s early on in her pregnancy, and is so excited.” While it is unclear who the father of Aubrey’s child is, she did open up about a new relationship with The US Sun during the event this week. “I have someone special in my life. When I got home from Bali, which wasn’t too long ago, I was open to dating again. After my relationship with Pauly D,” she continued, referencing the Jersey Shore star she dated for a year, “I hadn’t had sex or been intimate with anyone for about three years, so this was the first person that I felt comfortable being vulnerable with.”

A source confirmed to the news outlet that the Famously Single star’s mystery boyfriend is the father of her child and that the man is not in the spotlight and supposedly wishes to remain as such.

Congratulations to Aubrey on the news of her pregnancy! We wish her all the best as she prepares to enter motherhood.

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