Celebrity stylists Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis have welcomed their first child together! The couple, who star in the reality series Styling Hollywood, prepared to start a family for years but shared with People that nothing could have prepared them for the moment they met their child.

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Jason and Adair, who have been married since August 2012, are the proud parents of a baby boy! Their son arrived via surrogate on May 24th. The reality stars have chosen to name their son Arrow Fox.

On experiencing the love for their child, Jason shared, “The way that you feel, the way that you begin to change your perspective, there’s no way to experience it until you experience it. It’s this kind of unimaginable, magical feeling, that I can’t seem to put words to yet, but it just feels so good. That’s the only way I can put it – it feels like sunshine and cupcakes.”

Adair shared his own sentiments on fatherhood. “I was bawling. The moment I saw him, you look at this little miracle – and he’s literally that. He was just a dream and a thought, something we really intended to see come to fruition in our lives. Then the moment comes and you’re like, all of this was worth it. I’d do it a trillion times over just to have that moment with him again. He is all of our hopes and dreams manifested. We look at him and we’re like, ‘Wow. You are mine. You’re a piece of us.’ It’s bizarre.”

Jason, who styles celebs like Michael B. Jordan and Amanda Gorman, shared a message of hope to other members of the LGBTQ+ community wishing to start a family one day. “The biggest thing is to not get discouraged. There’s no ‘right’ way or one way to create a family. The possibility is possible.”

Congratulations to Jason and Adair on the arrival of Arrow! We wish them all the best as they embrace their new role as parents.

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