Surfer and author Bethany Hamilton has announced the arrival of her third child with her husband, Adam Dirks.

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The couple has welcomed another son to the family! They have named their newest arrival Micah Ward Dirks. Micah is a Hebrew name that means “Who is like God?” while Ward is an English name that means “Guardian.”

In her announcement post, Bethany shared that Micah made his arrival on Valentine’s Day along with a message of life as a family of five. “It’s been a wonderful and slow month sharing life with Micah and easing into a family of 5. He’s healthy and so am I gratefully. Also, big bros have been so loving and really owning the big brother role! We are grateful to God for our growing family and we are so excited for all of the epic adventures to come! Thank you all for you kind support during this season.”

Micah is joined into the family with two big brothers: Tobias and Wesley. The boys were active in Bethany’s pregnancy announcement video in October, where the three of them walked the beach with Bethany’s growing baby bump in full view.

Bethany wrote a short blog post on her website where she shared more about life with three boys. “Our first boys were colicky and Micah has been a lot easier, so Adam and I are stoking! Big bros have been so loving and really owning the big brother role! We are so thankful for our family and the role to raise them up to be brave, kind, and respectable men in this wild world we live in.”

Congratulations to Bethany and Adam on welcoming another baby to the family. We wish them all the best with life as a family of five!

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