Dylan Dreyer, meteorologist and co-host on NBC’s TODAY Show, has announced that she is expecting her third child! Dylan and her husband, Brian Fichera will be welcoming their little one this coming November. They currently share two sons together.

Dylan’s newborn will be welcomed into the family with two older brothers: Calvin Bradley, 4, and Oliver George, 1. The couple welcomed Oliver in January of 2020. During the segment where Dylan made the announcement, she shared, “The holidays are going to be bananas!”

Dylan, with the help of her co-hosts, revealed the gender of her third child. It’s another boy!

The TODAY co-host struggled with secondary infertility when trying to conceive Oliver. She was very open about her experience on the show and in 2019 shared that she had suffered a miscarriage while trying to conceive. This time around, the couple faced more challenges. Dylan shared that she and Brian tried to have another child for nearly six months before deciding it wasn’t going to happen. “We were trying and it wasn’t really happening and just kind of gave up. We were ready for the next phase,” she said.

This pregnancy has been a bit different for Dylan. She has felt nausea more strongly this time and finds her bump growing more quickly. Congratulations to Dylan and Bryan on growing their family! We wish Dylan good health as she prepares to welcome another little one.

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