Last month, actor Wilmer Valderrama welcomed his first child with his partner Amanda Pacheco. Exactly one month after their daughter’s arrival, he’s finally shared the name they chose for her!

Wilmer and Amanda shared the name exclusively with People Magazine: Nakano Oceana Valderrama.

Wilmer told People that Nakano’s name was inspired by a trip he and Amanda took to Japan. It was quite a memorable one that strengthened their relationship. Wilmer and Amanda exchangde “I love yous” for the first time on that trip.

“Amanda and I traveled the world on our first year of our relationship. We decided to just throw ourselves in the deep end, so we traveled the planet. And one of those big trips that we took was to Japan. There was something very spiritual about traveling there and really understanding the culture, to take it in, the spirituality of it all. It really touched us. That trip was just so beautiful and eye-opening. That was the trip where we decided we would be together, that we would really be together. Japan was a big moment for us. I was really proud of that trip because it really bonded us and gave us this security to just move forward and really plan life and really think about what we both really wanted.”

On her Instagram page, Amanda shared, “Into the world. I’m so excited to finally share her name with you all. Her unique name reminds me of the beautiful journey her father and I took that ultimately led us to have this extraordinary human in our arms today.”

We love that the couple chose such a beautiful name that showcases a deep connection between Wilmer and Amanda. It’s definitely sentimental!

The NCIS star shared that the reveal of their daughter’s name caused a few opinions in the family. “When we said the name, it created an unbelievable debate in our family. Some people thought it was off the wall, and others thought that it was just serendipitous and so beautiful.”

Congratulations again to Wilmer and Amanda on the arrival of their baby girl! We hope they are embracing parenthood well.

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