Rydel Funk, neé Lynch, and her husband Capron recently announced the birth of their second child together. Now, the couple has revealed the name they chose for their little one and it’s a rather unique choice.

Rydel, sister of actor Ross Lynch and a former member of the band R5, welcomed the couple’s baby girl on August 8th. The couple chose to name her Sweetie Mary Funk. In their announcement video revealing their daughter’s name, Rydel explained that Sweetie was her nickname growing up. “My mom has always called me my sweet Rydel, my sweetest girl. Every note I have from her says ‘my sweetest girl.'” They shared that the nickname was the main inspiration and Capron add that “it’s so cute.”

As for Sweetie’s middle name Mary, she shares that middle name with Rydel. The couple had a similar naming pattern for their son, whose name is Super Capron Funk, and he shares a name with his father. Super was born in 2021. Rydel also shared a cool fact about their children. She and Sweetie both have August birthdays while Capron and Super share birthdays in April.

Rydel and Capron began dating in June of 2019. Capron asked Rydel to be his girlfriend in a rather elaborate way. In Los Angeles at a concert by The Driver Era, a musical duo featuring Rydel’s brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch, Rydel joined her brothers on stage for a live performance and in the middle of it, Capron held up posters that read “Will you be my girlfriend?” Less than a year later in February of 2020, the couple became engaged.”I said HELL YES,” Rydel wrote at the time while showing off her ring. The couple eloped in August of 2020 before celebrating with a big ceremony at the Secret Garden in Arizona on September 12, 2020.

Congratulations to Rydel and Capron on the arrival of their second child! We wish them all the best as they welcome Sweetie into the family.

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