YouTube star Trisha Paytas, who primarily posts vlog-style videos on her channel, has announced the arrival of her first child. Trisha and her husband Moses Hacmon, a photographer, welcomed their first child on September 14th and have shared the unique name they have given their little one.

It’s a girl! Trisha shared the first images of her daughter from the hospital that showed mom and baby wearing matching outfits. Trisha and her daughter wore an adorable strawberry-patterned robe and swaddle, respectively. The couple named their first child Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon.

Trisha had been open about struggling to conceive before announcing on Valentine’s Day this year that she was pregnant. At the time, she shared, “We have been trying since October 2020 and testing every month together. After 1 year of testing together, I started just doing it on my own because it was always negative and really disappointing. We went to a fertility center after our wedding in December where they did the HSG test on me and we got pregnant that cycle.”

The YouTuber had been documenting her pregnancy on her Instagram page, sharing many images of her growing bump and reflecting on the journey. In June, she shared how her pregnancy brought her peace. “I have never had such inner peace as I have experienced being pregnant. My baby has seriously healed me in so many ways. I fell at 15 weeks and my knee was RUINED. I couldn’t stand for days. And miraculously in less than a week, I was walking upstairs and feeling 100%. I still think about how there’s 0 pain. When I had my other big knee injury in 2019, it took me a good year before I could put any serious weight on it without support. I’m sure every parent feels like this, but I really feel like I have such a light growing in me. Like she’s a miracle baby sent to heal the world. I can’t wait to meet her but for now enjoying this bond we have; getting to feel her little rolls and kicks everyday is like the ultimate gift from God. I’m so so so thankful.”

Congratulations to Trisha and Moses on the arrival of their first child! We hope they enjoy their new role as parents to baby Malibu.

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