The background is water and the title is 40 water themed baby names

Water is a fundamental aspect of life for all living beings on Earth. Beyond necessity, it also gives us immensely beautiful sights and many different forms of entertainment. From oceans, lakes, rivers, snow, and even mythology, there are a lot of different ways for water to inspire a name choice! Below are 40 names that have a water theme. Which names are your favorite?

Masculine Water Names

  1. CALDERMeans “from the wild water”
  2. DYLANMeans “toward the tide”
  3. IRVINGMeans “the green water”
  4. FORDMeans “a river crossing”
  5. KAIMeans “ocean”
  6. KELVINA river in Scotland
  7. LIRMeans “the sea” and was most likely an Irish sea god, with Llyr as the Welsh counterpart
  8. MAXWELLMeans “from Mack’s spring”
  9. TIBERIUSMeans “near the Tiber river”
  10. ARDALIONMeans “water pot”
  11. BECKETTMeans “dweller by the brook”
  12. IBAIMeans “river”
  13. LACHLANMeans “from the land of lakes”
  14. IZOTZMeans “ice”
  15. NEREUSIn Greek mythology he is a god of the sea and the name means “water”

Feminine Water Names

  1. ALARAA water fairy in Turkic mythology
  2. ARETHUSAMeans “swift water” and is a Naiad nymph in Greek mythology
  3. EIRAThe Welsh origin of Eira means “snow”
  4. CALIADNEA Naiad nymph in Greek mythology
  5. ELERIThe name of a Welsh river
  6. LUMIMeans “snow”
  7. MARISMeans “from the sea”
  8. MAYAThe Hebrew name means “water”
  9. MÉLUSINEIn European folklore, Mélusine (or Melusina) is a spirit who dwells in rivers or holy wells
  10. ONDINEThe name means “wave of water”
  11. OCÉANEThis French name comes from the French word for ocean
  12. THALASSAIn Greek mythology Thalassa is the primordial goddess of the sea
  13. AYSELMeans “moon flood”
  14. NEREIDAMeans “sea nymphs”
  15. KAILANIMeans “sea and sky”

Neutral Water Names

  1. OCEANFrom the word ocean
  2. AVONThe name of multiple rivers in the world, most of which are in the United Kingdom
  3. KENDALLMeans “valley of the river Kent”
  4. RIOThe word for river in Spanish
  5. AERONThe name of a river in Wales
  6. LYNNMeans “from the lake”
  7. RIVERFrom the word river
  8. DACREMeans “trickling stream”
  9. MARLOWMeans “remains of a lake”
  10. LAKEFrom the word lake

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