The title says Fresh Nordic Baby Names

Nordic baby names are on the rise! When it comes to Scandinavian names, people in the United States may still think of Ole or Nils that were common during the era when most immigrants arrived. But there are so many undiscovered gems when it comes to these northern names! Whether you’re looking to honor your Scandinavian heritage or just love Nordic names, here are some fresh options you might not have considered before.

Nordic Feminine Names

  1. ELIDA Predominantly used in Norway, Elida derives from an Old Norse phrase meaning “fast sailing ship”.
  2. TUVAWhile Tove may be the more traditional form of the name, Tuva has become popular in Norway and Sweden.
  3. YLVAYlva derives from the Old Norse word for wolf and has only become recently common in Norway.
  4. AINOThis Finnish mythology name became popular during Finland’s national romantic period.
  5. SUNNIVAThis name originates from the Old English Sunngifu, the name of a English saint who was shipwrecked in 10th century Norway.
  6. ISELINIselin is a Norwegian name that has an uncertain meaning, but may have German roots or derive from the Irish name Aisling.
  7. PIHLAPihla is a Finnish name meaning “rowan tree”.
  8. EMBLA In Norse mythology, Embla was one of the first humans. In modernity, the name is mostly used in Iceland.
  9. OLINEOline is a feminine form of Ole and is a great way to refresh the name.
  10. SOLVEIGSolveig (with a silent G) is a classic Scandinavian name and the heroine of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

Nordic Masculine Names

  1. HENRIKLooking for a fresh alternative to Henry? This classic Nordic name is also the name of famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.
  2. SIGURDThis is the name of a legendary hero who killed a dragon.
  3. OTSOThis adorable Finnish name, meaning “bear”, fits right in with current trending names like Otto!
  4. IVERMany people are familiar with the band Bon Iver, but this Norwegian variant of Ivar is a great offbeat baby name choice.
  5. BRYNJARThis name is relatively unchanged since its Old Norse days (Brynnjarr) and is predominantly popular in Iceland.
  6. ATLIThis is the Scandinavian version of Attila, and it was used in Völsungasaga to represent a fictional version of Attila the Hun.
  7. SVERREThis name means “to swing around” and was the name of a Norwegian king and a current prince of Norway.
  8. TOIVOA Finnish name meaning “hope”.
  9. ALVARThe meaning of Alvar is “elf warrior” and is predominantly used in Sweden.
  10. VIGGOMany are familiar with the name via actor Viggo Mortenson. The name is mostly used in Sweden and Denmark.

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