Dear Jennifer,

My husband is first generation American and his last name is Guerrero. We are expecting (unsure of the sex) and we simply can’t agree on a name. Every name he suggests is Hispanic and quite frankly, hard for me to say or spell. I would like the first name to be American but he says that won’t flow well with his last name.

 Am I be inconsiderate of his heritage? Is there any compromise here? ☹

~ Shayna

Dear Shayna,

I, myself, have a half-Hispanic child. I also wanted to honor my husband’s heritage and had the same concerns as you (his mother’s name is Guillermina!)  When he told me his mother’s maiden name was Miranda, I said “That’s it!”  Miranda was one of those names that works in both Spanish and English.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

There are many other names like Miranda–take Christina Aguilera, for example. Maybe you, too, could look into your husband’s family tree to see if you can find such names. The fact that you use a name from his side will show that you do want to honor your child’s ethnic heritage.

If you still can’t find what you like, do the Advanced Search on our site and see if any of these names strike your fancy.  I’m sure you’ll find something acceptable to the both of you.



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