Hi there,

I know this may sound a bit far-fetched but it is only my opinion that Donald Trump should be removed from the notes about the name Donald. Yes he is the 45th President of the US and was famous long before he ran but I think he is too controversial of a figure to be under there. Just my opinion though, and if you can’t remove him I understand.

– Jack Wood

Hi Jack,

On BabyNames.com we try to list the most famous -or infamous- people under the most popular names in our database. We do this so that if a parent is considering the name for their baby, they might consider the universal association with it. 

The fact is that Donald Trump was, is, and always will be one of the more famous Donalds. To eliminate a U.S. President because we don’t believe in his politics or he’s too controversial would be the same thing as, say, intentionally leaving out facts in a news article.

And if we eliminated Trump under the name Donald, then do we eliminate Hitler’s name under the name Adolf? Where do we stop?

I believe it’s incredibly important that we keep those names there so people can make an informed baby name choice. I hope you understand.


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