The French have always had an influence on American culture, from fashion to food to names! Here are the top trending French names in the United States. Which are your favorites?

Top French Boy Names

  1. BERNARD – Bold as a Bear
  2. ANDRE – Manly
  3. MARC – War-like
  4. BEAU – Handsome
  5. MAURICE – Dark-skinned
  6. LEON – Lion-like
  7. MARCEL – Young Warrior
  8. ARMAND – Army Man
  9. LIONEL – Little Lion
  10. DAX – Leader

Top French Girl Names

  1. CHARLOTTE – Free
  2. BELLE – Beauty
  3. MARCELINE – Young Warrior
  4. CORINNE – Maiden
  5. NATHALIE – Born on Christmas Day
  6. ANAÏS – Gracious, Merciful
  7. SYLVIE – Forest
  8. SIMONE – To be Heard
  9. DENISE – Devotee of DIonysos
  10. AMELIE – Hardworking

Top French Gender-Neutral Names

  1. BLAISE – Lisping
  2. DIOR – Present
  3. BELLAMY – From the French “Bel Ami” meaning Good Friend
  4. REMI/REMY – Oarsman, Remedy
  5. SIDNEY/SYDNEY – Follower of St. Denys

Top Trending French Names

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