The title is 50 rare nature names and there are plants on the bottom half of the image's border.

50 Rare Nature Baby Names

In recent years nature names have been one of the top categories of trending names. While flower name for girls are among the most popular of nature names, there has been increasing interest in more uncommon options as well. From the names of plants, animals, and names with nature related meanings there are so many different ways to be inspired by nature! Read More

bishop briggs

Singer Bishop Briggs Is Pregnant

Singer Bishop Briggs, whose real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin, has revealed some exciting news. She is pregnant with her first child! The High Water singer shared the news in an exclusive with Paper Magazine.

Bishop is in the third trimester of her pregnancy and while she didn’t reveal the exact date she is due, she did share that her little one will be a Cancer like she is. Read More

Top Names of 2022 (So Far)

100 Top Names of 2022 (so far)

Want to know the top baby names for 2022 that are trending to date? Here is a list of the top boy, girl, and gender-neutral baby names of 2022 that are trending for the first four months of the year with commentary by co-founder, Mallory Moss:

So far, the top most popular names of 2022 have yielded some shocking surprises…and some not so surprising, since we predicted them. Read More

sammie cimarelli

Reality Star Sammie Cimarelli Is A Mom

Sammie Cimarelli, who starred in the Netflix reality series The Circle has welcomed her first child. Sammie and her partner, actor Spence Moore II, shared a joint Instagram post that featured their little one’s feet to announce the news. The couple previously shared in January that they were expecting. Read More

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