Dear Grandma Maggie-

My boyfriend and I are expecting our second child in December. Our first child is only 10 months old. My questions for you: how will our first child react to the new baby? What can we do to help make the transition easier for him and will he understand what is going on? Any advice you canbrothers-835170_640 give would be great.

Wondering in MN

Dear Friend,

As long as your first child still gets some attention and continued good care, then there should be no problem. Teach him to be very careful and gentle with the baby. You and your mate can take turns doing things alone with the older child, as at his age those actions will speak louder than words. In a few months, or maybe weeks, he will never remember life without his younger sibling. Just make sure they are treated as individuals not as one unit (the babies), and you will be ok. My best advice to any parent is to recognize a child’s accomplishments and make sure you tell him you are proud of him and he is doing a good job day to day. Children have to have limits, that goes without saying, but a kind word most every day helps raise a gentle child.

Enjoy those two lovely children.