Dear Grandma,

I’m only 26 and have 2 kids and I am expecting in May!

Hayden is the oldest — he’s 3 yrs old. Noah’s my little angel. She’s just full of life and loves the outdoors toddler(she’s only 1 year old). I’m worried that Noah won’t adapt to being center of attention. She is used to have everything about her and she doesn’t even like it when people pay more attention to the dogs or horses over her. I’m very confused and yes I know I’m a young mom — it’s hard to ask my mom for help since she never had this problem with me and my siblings. I’m not sure how to get Noah ready since the due date is crawling up on us.

Please, I need some help.

Dear Lola,

Well, I see something here that may be the real problem. You tell me Hayden is the oldest and Noah is “my little angel” and go on to describe and worry about her for the rest of your letter. It could be that Hayden could help you here by helping with Noah. He could look through picture books with her, watch an appropriate DVD, or even show her how to draw. Now not all at once of course, but slowly and with much praise of “Good job” and “What a fine big brother you are”. That will take the spotlight a bit off of Noah and she will learn to share it with Hayden. It could be better for both of them. At least give it a try.

Kindest regards,
Grandma Maggie