Dear Grandma,

My 13 years old came back from school telling me that more than half of the class did not love him. He tells me that everywhere he goes this happens to him. He was so upset about that. I am worried and I don’t know how to help him.


Dear Mirella,

I think this is something that might need handling by a professional, either a counselor at school or someone in private practice. If your son’s perception is correct that also could mean that the other half of the class does like him, and that’s not too bad an average. You see, we cannot change other people’s likes and dislikes, but we can change our response to them.

Please encourage your son to see the school counselor first and perhaps even consider seeing the counselor yourself to discuss your son.

Kindest regards,
Grandma Maggie


Peggy Moss, AKA "Grandma Maggie," was was a partner in after she retired as an early childhood educator. Her Q&A column "Ask Grandma Maggie" is now republished with the best of Grandma Maggie’s parenting and childcare advice. She has written many eBooks about parenting issues, available at

Peggy, who passed in 2014, was mother to Sue, Kate, Jennifer, and Mallory Moss, and grandmother to Ike, Peter, Miranda, and Veronica.