Hi Grandma.

My name is Samantha. I am a single-mom working at a local doctor’s office. I am also 7 months pregnant with a beautiful baby girl and I have another girl too, who is 3. I am getting a little worried about taking care of two children, especially one that will need to be held 24/7, and one that is wild and very curious. I am getting several months off of work to get my act straight, and my mother will be helping me whenever she can. When my mom can’t be here, I am probably going to need her the most. Shopping, parks, restaurants, all will be hectic. My question is basically if I should get a nanny to care for my children and go with me places, or just go cold turkey and do it myself?

Thank you.


Dear Friend,

No baby needs to be held 24/7, and Abigail will be able to be partially maintained by talking to her. Whenever your mother is available, do what needs to be done outside the house. Learn to think ahead, so that when your mom has the time, you have an ongoing list for what you need at the store. If you can, take one of the children with you and leaave your mother with the one at home. If it’s the older child, then maybe she can take her to the park to play. If she stays with the younger one then you can have mother/daughter time with your three year old.

If your mother can handle both of them, then the shopping will go much faster. Hiring help a few days a week might be a good way of testing for the help you will need when you return to work.

Good luck,
Grandma Maggie