Dear Grandma:

I have two boys under 4 years old. I am also pregnant with triplets. I am afraid that my two boys will think I don’t care about them after the triplets are born. What do I do?


Dear Stephanie,triplets

This is difficult to answer because I know nothing of your situation or your sons. I guess the best thing you might do is ask for help. I know there are parents of multiples who have had tremendous help from their church community and surrounding neighbors. There might also be message boards for multiples that you could find online. That might be your best bet, because the wisest advice comes from those who have experienced already what you are going to be experiencing.

You might also try talking to the older boys and explain to them that the babies will need and receive a lot of attention, and when they are feeling left out to just tell you. You might not be able to help them immediately, but you will always try to make time for them as soon as possible.

If there are grandparents or other relatives around you, ask that they give the boys special attention. I would stock up on some age appropriate DVDs so that they can possibly be entertained with that, not every time they need you, but at least until you can fit them in. Time is the thief of all mothers and I can only imagine what it will be like for you.

I wish you the best.
Grandma Maggie