kidmonodKidmondo is an online baby book that lets parents and caretakers track and share baby’s milestones and special moments. The feature-rich site includes pages for journaling, recording physical and medical data, tracking growth, posting pictures, and a food journal to record reactions to first bites.

All data is set to be private, but you can share one or more areas with friends and family so they too can experience your baby’s special moments. (Journals cannot be set to be seen by everyone, because the company’s owners believe in protecting your family’s privacy.)

Kidmondo, which is available in English, Spanish and Italian, is free for its basic services, which include three journals and 100  MB of storage; it also offers a premium service for $39/year, which includes unlimited journals, no advertising, and 5 GB of storage.

Best of all, Kidmondo offers an option to print out your baby book as a hard copy, for which users can customize the cover, content and photos to be included. The price for printing a hard copy is $28 for 20 pages and $.50 per additional page.

The Kidmondo online baby journal is available here.

Susan Moss is an owner/partner in and is a freelance bookkeeper in Chicago, Illinois.